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What questions should a consumer ask to hire the right service professional?

How much experience does their machine technicians have on working on certain products? Can I have a quote on the cost? How long will fixing certain machines take or how long will it take for certain parts or machinery equipment take to come in?

Pressure Washers Storage During the Winter Season

Hot Water Pressure Washers
Hot Water Pressure Washers

If you store your pressure washer during the winter months, make sure you properly prepare it. Here are some simple steps to take before closing down for the off-season that will ensure your equipment is ready to go once the temperatures warm up.

Antifreeze your pressure washer as described in the Freeze Prevention Tips section, using automotive antifreeze for storage of your pressure washer. I have personally seen units stored over five years with automotive antifreeze with no problems except to pop the pump inlet valves.

Get a fuel stabilizer from an auto parts store and add it to the fuel tank to keep your fuel from turning into varnish and to prevent the gaskets in the carburetor from going bad. An even better practice is to drain the tank and run the unit until it is out of gas.

Remove the spark plug wires and spray WD-40 into the carburetor while turning over the engine to coat everything with oil.

Remove the spark plugs and spray WD-40 into the cylinders or put in some “Marvel Mystery” brand oil. Turn the engine over a few times to coat the cylinder walls.

Change the engine oil, oil filter, and fuel filter. If you do not change the engine oil, the sludge will collect on the bottom of the oil pan and solidify. If there is any water in the fuel filter, it may freeze and break.

Top off the fuel tank to keep moisture from condensing inside the fuel tank. This will prevent steel fuel tanks from rusting and keep water out of the fuel.
Disconnect the battery to avoid a trickle discharge.

Preventing your Bay Doors from Freezing

  • If the doors have steel rollers, change them to magnesium-type rollers
  • Install proper weather stripping around the doors
  • Make sure the doors are well lubricated and serviced
  • Insulate doors with Styrofoam panels
  • Install a heater at the threshold of the door.
  • Keep only one door open at a time to avoid a creating a wind tunnel

In the spring, put in fresh fuel, replace the spark plugs, and start your pressure washer. If it is hard to start, spray WD-40 into the carburetor intake the same way you would starting fluid. This makes ignition easier than using fluid. When reconnecting the battery, clean and apply an ample supply of grease to the connections to prevent corrosion.

In the spring, de-lime the coils with Scale Away Deliming Acid and add Red Devil Soot Remover to the diesel or kerosene used for your burner. Put a trickle charge on your battery for a couple of hours to assure a full charge before starting, and use WD-40 when starting to help establish fuel flow.

Service Question of the Day!?


What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

 What we recommend to customers looking for a provider like us is to check our website out “” and give us a chance to satisfy their chemical and machinery needs. We strive for performance, quality, and customer service, so even though we may not be as big as some companies out there we get the job done right the first time. We give customers a positive and memorable customer experience that strongly sets us apart from our competition.


Generators Residuals

Gasoline Generator GEN-13000-1MSE

Take Control of the Situation

The next time a severe storm rolls through the area, don’t be left in the dark, without the ability to cook, heat water, do laundry, or keep your family happily occupied. Instead, be prepared with the purchase and installation of a cost-effective residential generator from the knowledgeable professionals at GraciHart Electric. No longer will you and your family be uncomfortable and bored during power outages. Our line of residential generators power on automatically in the event of an outage, and operate quietly and dependably for days, some models can even operate, uninterrupted for weeks. If you prefer, we can elevate the equipment above flood lines. Another notable advantage to installing a generator for home use is that in the event of an electrical power outage your home’s security system will remain functional, keeping your family and property safe and sound.

The next time your neighborhood loses power during a thunderstorm, don’t let another outage inconvenience you and your loved ones. Call on GraciHart Electric and let us help you choose a residential generator that will meet all of your emergency power needs.

Service Question of the Day!?


Describe the most common types of jobs you do for your clients.

We service on industrial equipment, water reclamation, oil water separators, closed loop water treatment systems, car wash equipment, waste water evaporators, wash water evaporators, generators, pumps, hot water power washer, construction equipment, soaps, chemicals, degreases, bioremediation products, & hot & cold pressure washer parts rentals repairs.